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The 8th Busan Nakdong River Yuchae(Canola) Flower Festival


Period : 2019. 4. 6.(Sat) ~ 4. 14.(Sun), 9days
Location : Daejo Eco-Park, Gang-seo-gu



The Busan-Nakdong River Yuchae(Canola) Flower Festival is held at Daejo Eco-Park, country's largest canola field (approximately 0.76 million square meters) where you can enjoy beautiful walkways, field mazes, windmills and photo-zones. In addition, there are many tourist attractions including farm tools exhibition, rice-planting, horse riding, kite flying, and busking. Furthermore, The opening event, 'The Yuchae(Canola) Flower Bride' will be held for married couple who can not celebrate a wedding. The family-friendly canola festival is one of the key annual events in Western Busan.






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